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Whether you have Ground Floor or High Rise windows that need repairing, our skilled team of abseilers can access every area of your building, shop or home.

Calcium Water Stains   |   Graffiti or Blade Scratches   |   Welders Spot   |   General Window/Glass damage.

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Glass Restoration Case Studies

Central Park Sydney

Central Park Mall is a retail hub unlike any other. This multi-level vertical mall boasts a sun-drenched emporium, future-forward sustainable architecture.

However the unique plant design has seen residue seep into and stain the glass. Glass Polishing Australia were called in to Restore their shine.

Northern Beaches Hospital

The Brand New Northern Beaches Hospital recently opened after months of construction. The brand new state-of-the-art Frenchs Forest hospital provides patient-centred, personalised care.

However during construction the Glass saw welders spot and rust marks that stained the windows. Careful Polishing saw the stains removed and saved thousands on replacing glass panels.

Wolli Creek – Brodie Spark Drive

The latest in quality high rise apartment living in Wolli Creek finished construction early this year.

However due to negligence during the building’s initial clean, the majority of windows were scratched as proper care wasn’t taken whilst the windows were cleaned. Glass Polishing Australia spent weeks carefully preparing and repairing deep scratches throughout the building. 

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